Decoy Effect: Sell Bigger And Better

decoy effect and pricing strategy image
While most people think that increased time spent prospecting and selling will earn you more profit, the truth is, that there are numerous tactics to profit maximisation. Cost efficiency exercises and rising prices are two, easy to implement, strategies. Another two are pricing strategy analysis and using the decoy effect to encourage customers to buy one product over another. What Is The Decoy Effect? The decoy effect, also known as the asymmetrical dominance effect, is a scenario where a...
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The Apprentice Week Nine: Resource Distribution And Audience

Last night’s Apprentice was an entertaining episode. Their task was to design a Virtual Reality game and present it to an audience of experts and enthusiasts. The result was Nebula’s second win of the series. And yet again, there were a couple of crucial mistakes that made a significant difference to the performance of both teams. Assigning Resources In The Right Place The biggest mistake made by Titans was that Sofiane didn’t deploy his resources properly, something he admitted later in the a...
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Email Marketing Mistakes To Avoid This Christmas!

Email marketing mistakes are so easy to make, and it's easy to get carried away when vying for customers at this time of year. People are spending, so how do you get them to buy from you? We recently received an email marketing message from an established and respected UK seller. However, their email marketing left a lot to be desired. So here are 10 email marketing mistakes, from this email and others, to avoid in your own campaigns. 1. Don't write whole sentences in capital letters!...
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Promotional Channels Research Demonstrates Email Is Still King

MarketingSherpa, the research institute, conducted a study discovering the preferred promotional channels for customers. This information could be gold-dust to all companies looking to grow and find ways to sell to existing and new customers. They also conducted a survey to determine how marketers prefer to keep in contact with their contacts and prospects. Using the two surveys together, we can determine whether our strategies are good in practice and what we can do for the future. Methodol...
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Aggressive Sales: The Dangers To Your Brand

aggressive sales via a punch
I don’t like aggressive sales. It is unnecessary and it erodes the trust between client and supplier. Yet I am bombarded by aggressive salespeople who think that I must buy their product. So, I’m working on a client project when I receive a phone call from an online directory. The first thing they do is lie about the reason for their call – as many do. They stated they wanted to confirm the details I had submitted in January (the call was in November). However, soon afterwards they sea...
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Apprentice Week Eight: Communications And Teams

Week eight of the Apprentice will probably be remembered for Dillion St Paul’s singing and the return of (poor) form for Frances. The former’s singing was even commented upon in the boardroom with Karen stating how bad it was. Frances went from being an outstanding winner last week to loser again. This was her seventh loss in eight weeks. She risks being one of the worst performing candidates in Apprentice history. Yet Dillon won, and Frances stayed in the process. Why? Well, it was un...
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6 Reasons Why You Should Be Emailing Your Audience

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Email marketing is one of the best ways for you to generate an income from any business. Even a small local shop can create an email marketing campaign to bring customers in. Yet many small businesses don’t utilise this option to generate interest in their brand, promote their special offers and make sales. So here are 10 reasons why email marketing should be a massive part of your marketing mix. 1. Email Marketing Is In-Expensive Using a program like MailChimp, you can send a lot of em...
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The Apprentice Week Seven: Poor Sales And No Passion

This week on the Apprentice, Titans lost their first task but Frances won her first. The challenge was to sell a mixture of items at a trade show. Both teams had a high-ticket product, a medium-ticket option and two low ticket products to sell at a boat show. For Titans’ securing the popular jet skis was not the winning formula they hoped for, as none were sold compared to the sale of two of Nebula’s boats. But it was also the smaller items that won the task. In the end, Nebula outsold Ti...
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How To Create An Infographic

canva log in details
An infographic is an excellent way to expand the reach of your brand. They let your company project information in an easy to digest format that is attractive to the audience’s eye. It also allows you to mix your business’ content output up. Yet many brands don’t create infographics for several reasons. Firstly, they don’t think that they have the information they can present in this format. That is simply untrue; all industries can offer content in this format and make it visually appealing....
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Website Design: Thinking About Your Audience’s Culture

culture should be part of your website design
When designing a website, you need to consider the culture of your main audience. A recent study by Dianne Cyr demonstrated its importance. In her paper, she looks at the culture of eight different Nations and how culture has an impact on website design. Basic Design Tips One of the key features of cultural difference for website design is how the information is presented and organised. While there is little difference between North American and European cultures, there is a stark contrast...
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