Seven Ways To Make Your Twitter Updates More Shareable

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Whether you are looking to promote your products, share a story, or educate an audience – Twitter is a great tool for expanding your reach. Yet many brands struggle to get their Twitter updates noticed and shared. This is because they fail to use proper strategies and don’t keep updated with best practices to make the most of their opportunities. You Can Be Viewed By A Nation Over the past year, we’ve collected data on our Twitter campaigns. For our few select clients of Twitter marketing,...
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Top Ten Blogging Tips Have A Great 2017

blogging tips for 2017
2017 is going to be a year of online content again. Every year, increasingly more people are using online media to educate and entertain themselves. There are many ways to encourage audiences to visit your brand, but blogging is still going to be an important aspect of your online marketing in 2017. So here are some blogging tips to help you out. 1. Use Grammarly Or Another Grammar Checker Whenever you took your English qualifications, at whatever level, doesn’t mean you automatically have...
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Meeting Customer Expectations Through Social Media

meeting customer expectations
There is no doubt that social media has changed the world. Consumers are spending more than 1 hour 40 minutes a day on their social profiles completing a variety of social and practical tasks, which has led to many businesses now utilising social media to help connect, engage, and sell to consumers. In some cases, this has worked fantastically, in others it has not. However, research has shown social media is now becoming a crucial factor in meeting the expectations of customers. With the...
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The Apprentice Final: Team Selection And Knowing Your Product

So, it was the Apprentice final last night, and 12 weeks of heartache, despair and excitement are now over. First, we should say congratulations to Alana Spencer on her win and new business partner. In her victory, she has become part of a very select group of individuals. It was a close final, but there were two key aspects that contributed to the success of Alana and undermined Courtney. 1. Team Selection Alana was very careful in her team selection. She chose team members that she kn...
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Apprentice Week 11 – The Interviews

As the Apprentice entered its penultimate week, we were treated to a view of the candidates under extreme pressure. The four interviewers this year were as tough as they’ve ever been, though it did reveal a lot about the candidates. It also gave us some key lessons to learn about business, especially in regards to getting funding. 1. Don’t Hide Your Failures One of the biggest mistakes on the episode was Frances Bishop not acknowledging her failures. Her successful kid's clothing brand,...
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Cart Abandon Rate: What Is The Average And How To Overcome It

cart abandonment
Lowering the cart abandon rate is a significant issue for ecommerce sellers. It's easier for shoppers to stop making a purchase when online, compared to when they are in a shop where social pressures can force a customer to make a purchase after they’ve entered the transaction process. Research from across the board finds that cart abandon rates can be between 60% to 80%. Yet bringing this down and getting these people to convert is important. It can help increase your revenue and improve...
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How To Get On The Preferred Customer List

Are you getting the best deal from your suppliers? Are they giving you their best service or prices? They might or might not be – it all depends on your relationship with them. Whether we want to admit it or not, favouritism probably subconsciously exists within every business. Companies will offer better prices, services or customer service to a select few clients. There are numerous reasons why this might happen – and not normally because of the revenue they generate. So how can you ...
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Apprentice Week 10 – Communications, Passion And Becoming Too Close To The Product

The tenth week of the Apprentice saw the candidates attempt to create a new gin, brand it, and then sell it to national retailers. There are lots of challenges in this task – and Titans certainly appeared to be tempted by the gin tasting. Communications In Business Is Critical One of the biggest mistakes throughout the episode was Titans’ poor communication skills. Frances, developing the branding on her own needed information about ingredients from her teammates. However, they were ‘tasting’ ...
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