“…put my skills in front of the right audience.”

When you create an online form for potential customers to complete, you want results and it is through David’s efforts that I have had responses. He has put my skills in front of the right audience. I feel as though I have gone from being only three feet tall in a crowd of giants to […]

“Have received great support, advice and guidance…”

Have received great support, advice and guidance since signing on with Two Feet and hope to have a solid social media strategy in place soon. Could not do this on my own. Also excellent value for money. Jean Allen, Home Instead Frinton

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Introducing Our Blog Management Tool

Every day there are blogs which are closed down or abandoned. For some it is because they have run out of time to manage their blog or it has come to the natural end. For others it is because of blogging logistics. Blog Management One of the biggest problems blog managers have is creating and […]

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3 Reasons Why Blog Comments Are Bad For Your Business

A few years ago one of the most recommended marketing tactics you could use was commenting on other blogs. Blog comments had two benefits for those writing them. Firstly it gave great marketing real estate for the business and secondly it created an inbound link. The higher the rank of the website; the more valuable […]

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How Often Should You Mail Your List?

Your mailing list is one of the most important marketing tools available. Email marketing has been proven to be one of the highest performing online sale paths. Those who regularly email their mailing lists often ask the question whether they are emailing the list at the correct frequency. Getting the frequency of your mailing campaign […]

Optimise Your Call To Actions

Are you looking to optimise your subscription rate? Do you think your landing page’s call to action could do with a tweak? A call to action is a powerful element of your website’s design. The correct call to action will provide the contact details of highly interested consumers and allow you to process them down […]

The 5 Must Haves of Blog Posts

Blogging is one of the most essential marketing activities for your business. It can support your search engine optimisation efforts and draw in an audience to sign up for your newsletter or to enquire about your products. Your blog content can also increase your authority in your industry by demonstrating your knowledge and expertise in […]

Food Blogger Fined For Review

How Many Mistakes Can A Restaurant Make? Google’s algorithm for determining the order which search results are displayed is at best a secret. It can be frustrating when you are looking online for your own business to find that a review is placed higher than your own business’ website. If that review is positive, you […]

Three Easy Ways To Increase Your Twitter Following

Social media is becoming one of the essential needs for your online marketing activities. Those who are not on social media can find they suffer a lack of website visitors. This is because social media becomes part of your SEO, especially the basics of Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Twitter in particular is a very important […]

Do You Have a High Bounce Rate and Low Open Rate?

Email marketing is an effective sales method. The Forrester report states that 13% of sales from current clients can be traced back to an email marketing campaign. Another report, from Custora, shows that customer acquisition from email marketing campaigns has quadrupled in the past few years. Email Marketing Campaigns Sabortaged By Suppliers You would think […]