culture should be part of your website design

Website Design: Thinking About Your Audience’s Culture

When designing a website, you need to consider the culture of your main audience. A recent study by Dianne Cyr demonstrated its importance. In her paper, she looks at the culture of eight different Nations and how culture has an impact on website design. Basic Design Tips One of the key features of cultural difference […]

a selfpublishing author superstar!

Self-Publishing: How To Be An Author Superstar!

So, you’ve written a book, and you want to sell it on the market and become part of a growing self-publishing community. The trouble is, you don’t know what the next steps are or how to become a superstar author! No problem, follow these quick tips for help: 1. Get Your Book Professionally Edited The […]

Apprentice Week Six: The Truth Is Out There

When it came to the latest The Apprentice task, candidates were asked to find a group of items for the cheapest price. This is a classic episode which can be hilarious and frustrating. For example, there is little use of the internet for research, a useful if not essential tool in today’s modern world. If […]

shoppers and decision fatigue

How To Factor The Effects Of Decision Fatigue Theory Into Your Marketing

Decision fatigue is a fact of life. As we make decisions, the mental energy we have left gets smaller. The more decisions we make, the harder it becomes to make them, and this affects everyone, including your customers. In fact, consumers are more at risk of decision fatigue, especially those on lower incomes because they […]

audience promotion

Different Audiences: Different Results

When it comes to creating content, your audience is key to the writing. If your message is irrelevant to your audience, they will ignore it and read something else. This can have several effects on your content marketing campaigns. First it wastes your useful time, second it can ruin your reputation, and third it can […]

title capitalisation

Is It Time For Modernisation On The Apprentice?

The Apprentice has been going on for a fair few years now. For some tasks, they seem to have entered the modern era, for example, the jeans marketing task where they used digital billboards and interactive bus stops, and last night’s crowdfunding task. However, The Apprentice is sadly lacking – some tasks and behaviours just […]

black friday image

Six Tips For Making The Most Of Black Friday

Any business these days can take advantage of Black Friday – the traditional time when sellers offer customers discounts in the hopes of having a good day of sales. This year, Black Friday is going to be on 25th November, and if you haven’t started planning for it yet, that gives you very little time […]

Special Days In The Run Up To New Year

The festive season is on its way, and from now until that period, there are lots of opportunities for you to market your business on Twitter, Facebook, your blog and via email with unique offers for your customers. Yet you need to know about these special days. So here is a quick guide of the […]