The 5 Must Haves of Blog Posts

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Blog posts are essential for your marketing..

Blogging is one of the most essential marketing activities for your business. It can support your search engine optimisation efforts and draw in an audience to sign up for your newsletter or to enquire about your products.

Your blog content can also increase your authority in your industry by demonstrating your knowledge and expertise in your field. This will further support your marketing efforts and convince more customers to sign up to your products.

To increase your blog’s effectiveness there are five must haves your blog should contain.

1. Blog Posts Must Contain Value to the Reader

Blog posts should contain significant value for your readers. Each blog post must contain either a solution to a problem or vital information which can improve some aspect of the reader’s life.

One of the biggest failures of some blogs is that they post about themselves or industry news that interests the author of the post. This is a poor strategy for two reasons. Firstly, if the reader is uninterested they are unlikely to be searching for that content online. Secondly the content will come across as boring and therefore, the reader will be unlikely to read more blog posts on your site.

Therefore consider what questions your customers ask you frequently and base your blog topics on these.

2. A Beginning, Middle and an End Are Still Applicable In Blog Posts

Writing a blog post is like telling a story. To that end you need to ensure your blog posts are split into three sections: A beginning, middle and an end.

The beginning should be a brief introduction to the problem with some quick key facts to why the person should care about what you are writing about. The middle section is how the person can improve upon the situation. This is the longest section and should take up between 70 and 90% of the content.

The ending should be a simple paragraph stating what the situation could be and the benefits from taking on your advice. This is an ideal position to include the power of three.

3. Blog Posts Should Have Easy to Digest Content

The attention span of the average person has decreased in the last decade from 12 minutes to just 5 minutes. Therefore it is important that you write content which is quick and easy to read.

Research has also shown readers generally skim read. Therefore easily read material will be better absorbed and remembered.

One method to do this is to break up your content into shorter paragraphs.

4. Actionable Endings

Give your readers something to take away and do at the end of your blog post to ensure that they are remembering your content. The action can be anything from implementing advice you have given them to sharing your content online.

Whatever action you choose, the reader taking action will allow them to remember your advice and site.

5. Social Media Links To Help Spread The News Of Your Content

Promoting your blog posts can be difficult, especially in getting new readers to your site. Google and other search engines might do a good job, but nothing works better than a referral from a trusted individual.

This is where social links come in. By using social media links on your content you can encourage your audience to share your content with their peers, generating more traffic to your site. These new visitors can then share the post with their audience, sign up to your newsletter or bookmark your website to visit again at a later date.

This helps increase your online exposure and offers new business opportunities.


Blogging is an effective online marketing strategy. The benefits of a well established blogging strategy for your SEO, email marketing and social media is more than enough reason to ensure your blog posts are top quality. Use the above five elements in your next blog post and see your blog campaigns exceed all expectations.


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