Why You Need To Increase Blog Frequency

So many people think that blogging once a month is enough to generate significant amounts of traffic for their website. The truth is, that blogging once a month is probably a waste of your time. It will have limited effect on your traffic because SEO giants like Google and Bing seem to prefer higher blog frequency rates.

Last year, research was conducted on blog frequency and the results from their publishing schedules. According to the study, only about 4% of bloggers update their blogs at least once a day. Of those who update their blogs this often, two-thirds say it has a positive effect on their marketing efforts.

In comparison, roughly 36% of people post at most once a month but roughly only 17.7% see a return on their blogging efforts.

Positive Results From A Higher Blog Frequency

Recently, I was conducting keyword research with a client. We looked at a top-performing website on a certain keyword and I noticed that they had increased traffic for their website by 700% in six months.

When I looked at their website, there was only one thing that I noticed had changed: they had upped their blog frequency significantly. They had started posting two or three blog posts per week. Then they increased their frequency so they were publishing content four times a day. This lasted for three months and during this period they went from 200,000 visits per month to 1.4 million.
After this period they reduced the blog frequency to two posts per day. After the change, the number of visitors stabilised at 1.4 million a month.

This is a clear example of how increasing the number of posts you publish can improve traffic to your website. This is a great strategy for those who rely on online traffic to make sales; such as eCommerce stores, affiliate marketers or online magazines.

There are also other ways you can improve your website traffic, here is a free guide we’ve produced about improving website traffic.