Three Ways BizSugar Can Grow Your Brand

bizsugarIf you are a business to business client and you run a blog, then you need as many people to see your content as possible. One of the best ways to do this is to advertise it on aggregator sites. These are like directories for blog posts, rather than just blogging sites.

BizSugar is one of the best sites out there for you to use. We always list our blog posts on BizSugar. What makes BizSugar so effective is that other members can vote for stories they like. The site lists blog posts in two ways: first by newest first and second by most votes in the past day, week and month.

When articles get more than 15 or 16 votes they become ‘hot’. These are articles that the community have stated are important for others to read. The average newcomer to the site can expect blog posts to have about 3 or 4 sugar’s per post. As you grow, the average can increase to about 8-10.

Uploading an article is rather simple on Bizsugar. All you need is the URL of your article, an account and a short description. With these you can have your latest blog post announced very quickly. All accounts can have a maximum of four blog post announcements per day.

BizSugar is a great tool if you want to grow your online presence and sell to other businesses. There are three effective ways in which it can aid development and growth of your brand.

1. Increasing Traffic To Your Site

Firstly, it allows you to gain more traffic by using contacts through their network and matching it with your content. Just by having your blog articles on the site, you will have an increased traffic flow.

However, you can improve your traffic by becoming hot. There are several elements that make a post on the site go viral. These include:

  • Creating unique and thought provoking titles.
  • Creating content that teaches a useful point.
  • Use Images.

By considering these within each of your blog posts, you can create content that will be read more by your target audience and receive more attention on the site.

2. Signify What Your Audience Wants To Read About

By looking at what titles other people are voting for on BizSugar, you can see what is of interest to your target audience. For instance, if you see that many of the top articles on the social media category are about Twitter sharing, you know that people are looking to consume content about this.

It can be a very important aspect of your content creation. However, it would require you to act quickly. What interests your audience on one day might be totally different the next. Therefore, you would need to write your blog post very quickly and publish it. Then you need to be seen.

3. It Demonstrates Your Expertise To A Wide Audience

BizSugar has a huge audience and your blog post will be seen by them. This allows you to demonstrate and promote your expertise to a wider audience. This is not an opportunity to be missed as people will only buy from those that they are confident have the knowledge and skills to support them.

BizSugar Conclusion

BizSugar is one of the best sites online to promote your content for other business leaders. By using the site regularly you can demonstrate your expertise to your target audience, learn what content audiences are looking to consume and provide more targeted website traffic. This will help you develop your brand and earn more revenue for your business.

Start on BizSugar today and see the benefits.

What do you use to grow your blog traffic? How do you attract audiences?

Let us know in the comments.