Is Automation Dead For Social Media?

Social Media ImageA few years ago, automation was the ‘must have’ marketing tool. However relationships are not built on computers talking to each other. They are built on interactions between the business and the consumers. Therefore, is there a place in this world for automation?

Well, yes and no. Automation can still be a very useful tool. For instance, the use of previous blog posts is a good way to constantly push out your content to attract new consumers. However, sitting at Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and such forth and posting an announcement can take up a significant amount of time.

Automation has Its Place

Automation still has some relevance in the world. For example, using Twitter to share old blog posts is an important aspect of marketing. Our own research has demonstrated that old blog posts do bring in new faces to the company blog. This can be invaluable. The use of the past blog posts though must be carefully planned out and limited.

It is no good posting more than a four or five a day at the most. You are looking to inspire new readers and you want to get some fresh content out there every day. Whether that is looking for sharable industry news or a press release of your latest product / service / partnership – you will want to keep some space free for those announcements.

Limiting Your Output

Why do I keep on saying you want to keep some space? For one simple reason, you should limit your social media output.

For Twitter you should post no more 8 tweets a day: reserve about 50% of those for old posts. The rest should be made up of trending news, new blog posts and a couple of customer interactions. This is not a set ratio, you can adjust it yourself as you see fit – however engagement levels drop significantly as soon as you pass 8 tweets posted a day.

Facebook and Google+ on the other hand should be limited to three new updates per day. However you can respond to comments as much as you like.

Again industry news and new blog posts are great to share on Facebook. However advertising old blog posts is not necessary.

Where Does This Leave Automation?

If you want to really want to run successful social media campaigns automation is very important. You can set your old blog posts and posts which you know are coming out in advance. This saves you time and means you don’t miss a day out because you’ve been too busy.

Social Media is an important part of your online marketing regime, but it needs to be strictly controlled – which does take time.


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