The Audience: The Forgotten Element In Blog Writing

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Don’t forget your audience

Blog writing is an art as well as a science. Not only do you have to consider how the writing will look on the page, but you have to think about what elements combined will attract an audience. The problem is that many businesses forget about one crucial factor when they start writing their blog: the audience.

The audience is more critical to what, how and when you write content than many people give credit to. If you don’t match any one of their expectations then you may have poor returns on your blogging campaigns. Yet by matching each one, you can excel in your campaigns and demonstrate not only your expertise but also why you are a provider of choice.

So how do you match the criteria and why is it important?

What Does The Audience Want?

This is about determining what your audience wants to read. Firstly, most audiences will not be interested in what your business does or how it does it. Blogging is a social art as much as a marketing platform and writing about yourself is like going on a first date and only talking about yourself: I bet you wouldn’t get that second date.

Instead look at what some of the best industry leaders are writing about. This is normally a good indicator for your own writing. We know from experience that a lot of business readers (top executives and small business owners alike) are likely to read something that helps them solve a problem. Typical topics include:

  • Five ways to boost productivity
  • How to cut costs without impacting on quality
  • Time efficient marketing on the internet

In contrast, sports fans tend to like to read current news and opinions on the latest games or matches, while fashion followers are looking for up and coming trends and what celebrities are wearing.

So consider what your audience really wants to read and start writing topics around these.

How Does The Audience Want It?

The style of your writing is just as important as what you write. Some audiences prefer a tabloid style news article while others want a quick list of ways to improve an area of their business / lifestyle. The words you use and how you present your ideas are also important. Make up and fashion blogs want more ‘creative’ writing that is flattering to the reader whereas business writing requires shorter sentences and writing that is more to the point.

We know from clients that have failed to heed our warnings that not matching the style or their audience can result in a 90% decrease in readers to an article, with an average 35% decrease. This is a significant loss for you to consider.

This isn’t to say that you can’t have your own style of writing, far from it. You need a unique writing style to attract and retain an audience. The problem is that you need to consider what your target customers want to read in your articles too. By blending these two needs together you can attract an audience who want to read your content.

When Does The Audience Want It?

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At what time does your audience want to receive your information?

Your audience is not going to be sitting at their computer waiting for you to publish an article, just because you have written something. They will pick up articles and content as and when they are online and have time. With social media and especially Twitter, you can attract audiences to a piece of content at any time, but for maximum impact, you will want to generate the most interest in your brand very early on.

So consider when your audience is going to be online and not too busy to read your article. Get the timing right and you could have a viral article on your hands.


Many businesses forget that their audience is the most important element when it comes to blog writing. If you don’t match their expectations then you won’t attract the right group or provide them with enough reasons to stay, read and share. So consider what, how and when your audience wants to read and you’ll have a great blogging campaign.