6 Reasons Why You Should Be Emailing Your Audience

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Email Marketing is super efficient

Email marketing is one of the best ways for you to generate an income from any business. Even a small local shop can create an email marketing campaign to bring customers in. Yet many small businesses don’t utilise this option to generate interest in their brand, promote their special offers and make sales.

So here are 10 reasons why email marketing should be a massive part of your marketing mix.

1. Email Marketing Is In-Expensive

Using a program like MailChimp, you can send a lot of email marketing without spending any money with a third party. As long as you have less than 2,000 contacts on your mailing list and don’t send more than 10,000 emails a month – you’ll have a service that is free.

MailChimp also has lots of cool features for you to create the perfect campaign, from scheduling to a graphic design.

2. You Can Monitor Results

With the right tools, you can see exactly who is opening your emails and clicking through to your website. From there you can review the conversion rate. If you notice that a lot of people aren’t completing the transaction, you can seek reasons why – perhaps by giving your customers a call.

Monitoring the results can also help you perfect your marketing by seeing what content audiences prefer and at what times they like to read them. Other marketing avenues just can’t offer you the same level of monitoring.

3. Audiences Prefer Email Marketing

Research is consistently finding that customers prefer email marketing to other forms of promotional delivery, mostly because audiences give the sender permission to contact them.

Research has also shown that email marketing is involved in a lot of conversions. Whether this is due to abandoned cart emails or another reason. Using this information, we know that emails should be utilised to comply with audience wishes.

4. The ROI is Higher With Email Marketing

For the past decade, email marketing has held the record of being the most cost-effective and highest ROI marketing avenue for businesses.

5. It Provides You With A Direct Way To Remind Customers You’re Around

With most other marketing avenues, you cannot guarantee that audiences will see your content. Facebook only allows about 17% of your followers to see content you publish; Twitter is limited by those who are online at the time or searching for specific hashtags.

With email marketing, you are almost guaranteed that your message is delivered right in front of their eyes. There is nothing better as a reminder of your brand, products and offers.

6. It Can Be Linked To Other Marketing Channels

You can use email marketing to link to other areas of your marketing mix. Small buttons can be used to connect your emails to social media platforms and profiles. A simple button can be installed to link you to a landing page that can collect further information to help with your sales process.

The more you link together, the greater chance you have of creating a loyal brand following and reaching a greater audience.


Email marketing is one of the best ways you can communicate and sell to your audience. However, it is not an easy tool to utilise. Open rates can be very low for some campaigns, and this can demoralise your efforts using the marketing channel.

However, we’ve been able to successfully use email marketing campaigns to draw attention to our own services and that of our clients. It has resulted in sales that have grown business’. The problem is that you have to know what the best practices are and wait. We’ve seen some lead times be over a year – but we’ve also seen some lead times be just a few hours.

You just have to be ready.