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Choosing Virtual SEO Consultancy, Training, Freelance Copywriter Services & SEO Support

We’re TwoFeetMarketing a Digital Marketing business that helps get the most out of your online marketing. We offer a range of services which are listes below. Each product is listed with it’s product name, details of what’s included, the aim and the pricing. Prices are from £50 depending on the service.

Digital Training
Topics to be chosen at consultation
Copywriter Service, Blogging, Content Writer
Presence – 4 articles monthly
Up to 1000 words per article
Email Newsletters
Creation & List Management
2hrs Weekly
Copywriter, Blog Writing, Content Writing
Established – 14 articles monthly
Up to 800 words per article
Blog Title, Content & SEO Planning
To support your content writer
1 month advance notice required
Super Blog Copywriting
3000 Word article
Additional research & links
Copy Editing including plagiarism check
3 articles up to 800 words
2 articles up to 2000 words
Social Media Management
Basic Presence – 1 platform
Content must be provided
Website Hosting
A yearly fee
Requires a domain

We are happy to provide a basic digital marketing consultancy for free. This is so we can determine what is the best course of action for you, if we can help, or if it is perhaps something you can easily manage yourself. Much of digital marketing takes place over the long term and involves a wide range of factors to acheive long term success.

You know your business best, and we can help you navigate the world of online marketing. Our knowledge and experience, when combined with your expertise in your industry, can help you to reach wider and larger audiences. We have worked within many niches such as business consultancy, retail, health and well being, community services, construction, education, affiliate marketing and outdoor providers, to name a few.

How Can You Find Out More About Twofeetmarketing?

David and Helen have unique skills and have worked together at Twofeetmarketing for over nine years. You can find us on Facebook. David is on Upwork as David Lowbridge.

If you are struggling to maintain regular blog posts and Facebook posts and aren’t keeping up to date with your search engine optimisation, then look at our services page to see if we can help or feel free to contact us to find out more. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.

Tel: 01255 675876 or 07707525420 or email