TwoFeetMarketing 365: Monday 3rd April 2017

Our apologies for the delay in 365 updates, March has been super busy, but still no excuses. Are there any projects that you began in earnest in the new year but have failed to follow through?

Take a moment to think about the projects value, is it worth taking it up again? Why did it fail? And finally, if you do want to take it up again, what will you do differently to make it more likely to succeed?

TwoFeeTMarketing 365, is great for adding variety and for those who only have a little time each day to work on their social media. For it to work, I’ve moved the file into a really prominent place rather than in a sub-file of its own. Such a simple solution, will it work? We’ll have to see…!

Please share with us any tips you have for getting a project back into focus

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