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Why No-One Is Reading Your Blog When You Publish Content

If you are a well known celebrity or a famous brand, your blog is going to be particularly active almost from the start. The rest of us have to build our blog following from scratch. Having started numerous blogs for clients about different topics, despite the initial rush when you begin to publish content, in […]

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Why Email Marketing Is Effective – The Statistics

Email marketing is one of the best ways to sell your product. Often it’s those businesses that have no email contacts list or email marketing strategy that don’t achieve any sales online. There are numerous reasons why this might happen. However, from experience with past customers, it is often because businesses feel email contact lists […]

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Why You Should Be Using Twitter

Businesses can really take advantage of Twitter. Even if your primary focus is not to generate interest from new customers, you can find exciting ways to use the social media network. In this article we take a look at the reasons why you should be using Twitter. Twitter Gives Your Company A Recognisable Brand Many […]

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Why Your Small Business Blog Should Stick To The Basics

The online world is a crazy place for a small business. By the time you have read this article, there will be too much information published on the internet for you to consume in a month, possibly even the next year. According to research in 2012, this is what is published within one minute: 347 […]

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The Top Five Misunderstandings Of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is one of the best ways to draw attention to your brand. Research has demonstrated a dramatic change in consumer behaviour from those who search the phone books (like Yellow Pages) to using Google and other search engines. However, many people who enter the digital marketing realm to promote their business seem to […]

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Don’t Compare Yourself To A Big Brand When You Aren’t

I was watching the BBC’s Apprentice when Lord Sugar said something interesting, “sole traders are the backbone of the UK economy”. He was saying this in relation to a contestant who he felt hadn’t a potential business that would be big enough for him, but still the candidate was good at running their own small […]

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Marketing Lessons We Can Learn From Comedians

Comedians always look as if they are just having fun on stage and don’t take life seriously. However, research has shown that for comedians, a significant proportion of them suffer from depression and other mental diseases. This was highlighted when Robin Williams, the actor who starred in great films like Jumanji, Mrs Doubtfire and Good […]

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The Biggest Mistakes Made On Podcasts

Podcasts are one of the most upcoming marketing channels available for businesses. In North America they are used by a significant number of brands who want to connect with their audience. There are many advantages of having a podcast. Some of the benefits are: Podcasts are personal – making target audience interaction more likely. Podcasts […]

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There Is A Digital Marketing Skills Shortage

If you are running a small business you’ll want to use social media and other digital marketing activities to achieve your aims. Experience has taught a number of different businesses how they can be harmed by poorly thought-out campaigns from those lacking digital marketing skills. The New York Police Department’s failure, Tesco’s hitting the hay […]


Six Tools You’ll Need To Build A Good Online Sales Platform

An online business is one of the best, easiest and most cost effective methods to earn a living. There are many different types of online businesses. Each one needs specific software and tools for you to run them successfully. However each one is just a sales platform and every sales platform needs certain tools to […]