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Is Social Media, Blogging Or Email Marketing Best For Your Business?

I was reading an article the other day on RocketResponder written by their CEO and Co-Founder, Justin Ledvina. In this article, he made the argument that email marketing was better than social media for small businesses. Some of his facts were highly intelligent and well thought out, but the general premise of the article was […]

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You Can’t Throw Money At Digital Marketing: A True Story

Investing in digital marketing is important. Research has shown that many people now start their product search on their favourite e-commerce site or Google. By ranking highly you can gain a strong foothold on the market and grow your business, or at least develop leads at an acceptable rate without much effort. However, financial resources […]

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Marketing Lessons We Can Learn From Blackbeard

Edward Teach, aka Blackbeard the pirate, is probably one of the best known names from the Golden Age of Piracy. He cruised around the West Indies searching for prey in which to loot their valuables. Since his death at the hands of a pirate hunter, Blackbeard became a symbol of pirating and is often depicted […]

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Five Ways To Generate Income From Your Website

Every business believes it must have a website in this modern age in order to attract customers. This might be true, 59% of consumers are now using Google to find local businesses to solve their problems and it is harder to appear on Google without a website. Yet, having a website is not the end […]

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Think You’re Cut Out For Blogging? Take This Quiz

Blogging is a time intensive activity. It takes a lot to develop ideas, create the content, check the content for mistakes and finally get the message out there. Yet the rewards can be very good. Businesses who blog are often finding that their traffic increases and they generate more leads. However, not everyone can write […]

How Long Does It Take For Digital Marketing To Make Money

One of the most common questions asked is – how often will it take for digital marketing to pay back my investment? This is a very sensible business question but one that is also very difficult to determine, bear with me as we explain this. What happens for one blog might not happen for another. […]

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Three Industries That Under Utilise Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the new way to connect with your target audience. Research has shown that online sales are increasing year-on-year and that soon more will be bought via the internet than in stores. Yet at times, there are many industries which are slow at adopting the digital marketing techniques to grow their audience. When […]


Three Ways BizSugar Can Grow Your Brand

If you are a business to business client and you run a blog, then you need as many people to see your content as possible. One of the best ways to do this is to advertise it on aggregator sites. These are like directories for blog posts, rather than just blogging sites. BizSugar is one […]

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Are There Too Many Cooks Involved In Your Digital Marketing Campaigns?

One of the biggest mistakes made by many businesses taking tentative steps into digital marketing is to involve too many people, especially those in the higher echelons of the business. While it is important that all those in the business are aware of the campaigns being undertaken, they don’t all need to get involved. What […]

10 Must Read Blog Posts From TwoFeetMarketing

During our time here at TwoFeetMarketing we’ve covered numerous topics that have helped many individuals create campaigns to reach potential clients. Some of these topics are rarely revisited because of all the new content we are producing that takes centre stage. Therefore, we thought we would share with you our must read blog posts to […]