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Book Promotion: How To Sell Your Book

Despite the wide publicity of self-published authors succeeding in their chosen careers – many don’t manage to earn more than $500 a year. This can be painfully damaging to an author’s pride and self confidence and hardly reflects on the hours of work they put into creating their masterpiece. However, the main mistake is in […]

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Integration Is Key For Online Success

One of the biggest problems facing businesses nowadays is the integration of their marketing. Previously, businesses could rely on one piece of content that would attract and convert customers. Now, the sales funnel is getting longer and the number of touch points is getting larger. This is why companies must employ proper online sales methodology […]

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Quality Or Quantity – That Is The Question

With content marketing there is normally one debate – should you be implementing a campaign based on quality or quantity? Both sides of the argument have merit and so we wanted to ask the question, look at the arguments and suggest our own answer to the age-old question. Quality Or Quantity – The Definitions Within […]

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Are Your Images Optimised?

The speed of your site is vitally important when it comes to achieving sales. Research has shown that for every 1 second it takes your site to load, your business loses 7% of its revenue. For a large ecommerce site like Amazon, it could cost the business $1.6 billion in sales. One of the biggest […]

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Four Content Elements That Will Ruin Your Online Reputation!

There is a lot of information on TwoFeetMarketing and the web about what you should include in a blog post to increase your reputation. This can boil down to an optimised, SE O’d page, images and a call to action. However, there is little information available on what you cannot include within your content. Where […]

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How Can A Digital Marketing Consultant Help Your Home Business?

For whatever reason, you’ve started a home business. It could be that you want to fit work in while the kids are at school or you want to go it alone for a more flexible lifestyle. Whatever the reason; you still suffer from the same challenges that other businesses suffer from. One of the greatest […]

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What Marketing Lessons Can We Learn From Television

Television is often blamed as being the end of our social norms and family cohesion. On average we spend 4 hours a day watching Television in the UK. The US spends roughly 5.5 hours a day watching television. While it is often used as an escape from reality and our work, there are many marketing […]

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A Simple Step-By-Step Guide To Creating Blog Content

When it comes to blog writing, there is one aspect that businesses often fail on – the blog content creation. They know they want a blog, they know what they want to talk about, but they don’t know how to get their ideas off the drawing board and onto the computer screen. Yet the process […]

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Explainer Videos: Why Are They So Important For Your Marketing

While blogging, social media and email marketing is very important for your business’ marketing efforts, there are other options that you have to consider. One of these is using explainer videos to sell your brand identity and the benefits of your products. But why are explainer videos so important for your digital marketing campaigns? Explainer […]

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Poor Online Profile? Your Startup Has Already Failed!

Around 90% of startups will fail. This is a dose of reality that no business owner should ever forget. While there are numerous reasons behind these failures and characteristics that support the success of entrepreneurs, one fact is universal – if you don’t have customers, you will not survive. This is why having a good […]