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8 Digital Marketing Laws

We take a close look at digital marketing laws. What laws must you follow and which ones can’t you trust.

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Five Ways Your Digital Marketing Campaigns Are Failing

Are your digital marketing campaigns failing? If you are struggling, you need to get to the root of the problem. One key difficulty is not having the right skills for the digital age. Studies have found hiring managers are finding it tough to employ digital marketers with the right skills. Other studies have found that […]

digital laws

Digital Laws: Can I Buy Emails?

One question that is often asked is “can I buy emails?” The simple answer is ‘no’. Yet, it amazes me the number of small businesses who are still willing to flaunt digital laws to get the upper hand. They often have the mentality that “I won’t be caught” or “it won’t happen to me.” One […]

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Digital Marketing Mistakes I’ve Seen

When off duty from being a digital marketer, I find it challenging to be online and not in work mode! I always end up examining the content laid out in front of me and assessing what action they are trying to get me to take. This can be infuriating. I want to enjoy my time […]

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Digital Marketing Does Not Exist

There are many articles online about the myths of digital marketing. Some argue that it doesn’t exist, others state it is a different form of marketing that should be given respect, and others argue about its effectiveness. The truth is, all three viewpoints are accurate in some form. Digital marketing is something that shouldn’t be […]

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Integration Is Key For Online Success

One of the biggest problems facing businesses nowadays is the integration of their marketing. Previously, businesses could rely on one piece of content that would attract and convert customers. Now, the sales funnel is getting longer and the number of touch points is getting larger. This is why companies must employ proper online sales methodology […]

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How Much Should You Pay Your Digital Marketing Team

One of the biggest problems with digital marketing is that the costs can quickly mount. When you fully integrate the entire sales path into your business, use the correct tools and then hire the staff to complete the task, costs can be significant. Even if you employ a digital marketing company, you are looking at […]

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How Can A Digital Marketing Consultant Help Your Home Business?

For whatever reason, you’ve started a home business. It could be that you want to fit work in while the kids are at school or you want to go it alone for a more flexible lifestyle. Whatever the reason; you still suffer from the same challenges that other businesses suffer from. One of the greatest […]

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Poor Online Profile? Your Startup Has Already Failed!

Around 90% of startups will fail. This is a dose of reality that no business owner should ever forget. While there are numerous reasons behind these failures and characteristics that support the success of entrepreneurs, one fact is universal – if you don’t have customers, you will not survive. This is why having a good […]

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You Can’t Throw Money At Digital Marketing: A True Story

Investing in digital marketing is important. Research has shown that many people now start their product search on their favourite e-commerce site or Google. By ranking highly you can gain a strong foothold on the market and grow your business, or at least develop leads at an acceptable rate without much effort. However, financial resources […]