WordPress Plugins To Help Reduce Your Website’s Cart Abandonment Rates

When you operate an eCommerce website, whether it uses WooCommerce or another eCommerce plugin on your WordPress website, you’re going to experience cart abandonment. This is when the shopper fills their cart/basket with products and then leaves your site, either mid-way through the purchasing process, or before going to the checkout operation.

The Average Cart Abandonment Rate

The average website has a cart abandonment rate of about 60-80%. There are many reasons why you might lose out on sales for your business. The most common reasons are:

  • Additional, and unexpected, costs (i.e. shipping, taxes, etc.).
  • The shopper didn’t want to create a user account.
  • Checkout process was too long.
  • Lack of trust.
  • Website errors, speed or crashes.
  • Delivery was too slow.
  • Poor returns policy.
  • Not enough payment methods.
  • Payment was declined.

By addressing some of these issues you can significantly increase revenues for your store. For instance, shortening your checkout process can increase revenues by up to 100%. There are many tools available that can help you address these issues. In this article, we’ll look at the best WordPress plugins to help you reduce your website’s cart abandonment rate.

WP Facebook Review Showcase

Facebook review plugin

There are several things that can increase the trust between your store and that of your website visitors. This plugin increases two of those: customer reviews and the number of social followers. The plugin allows you to display reviews of your eCommerce business on your website, while at the same time creating a link between your site and your Facebook page.

The more followers you have on social media, the more popular/ trustworthy you are. In addition, good reviews will improve the conversion rate of products and set reasonable expectations with customers.

To ensure that websites don’t get too overloaded with reviews, this website comes with an option to display only a portion of the reviews and then allows you to load more with one click. Therefore, this plugin is a quick and easy way to lower cart abandonment.

Why should you use WP Facebook Review Showcase?

  • Show only five-star reviews (though not recommended) to showcase your talents.
  • Hide negative comments about products/your business.
  • 10 pre-made layouts to help you install the visuals on your website.
  • Cache options to help pages to load quicker.

FB Messenger Button Plugin for WordPress

Another way that you can build trust between you and website visitors is to add a chat function on your website. This is a great option because it improves customer satisfaction and allows customers to get instant responses to questions they might have about products/deliveries/other aspects of your business.

There are several options for chat functions available, but why have another system on your website when you can utilise Facebook chat messaging? This plugin combines the Facebook software and WordPress to give you a good chat service that can help your website attract more customers. The biggest advantage of this is that you can take chat while on the go, as long as you have a mobile connected to the internet.

Why should you use Premium FB Messenger Button Plugin for WordPress?

  • Can place the chat button in eight different areas of the screen.
  • Sticky option to keep the chat button continuously on screen.
  • Compatible with both mobile and desktop.
  • 10 different templates to choose from, so your site’s chat options can be continuously displayed.

AccessPress Social Login

Over a third of customers don’t want to create an account to shop with you. However, some customers are willing to combine accounts with social media accounts to get past this. Therefore, if you don’t want to offer guest accounts, then you should look at creating a social login system on your site.

This little WordPress plugin is the perfect solution. Users can choose to connect accounts from 12 different social media platforms to your website and you can have 30 different templates for interactions. This speeds up registration and logging in for your customers. A simple solution.

Why choose AccessPress Social Login?

  • Can connect with 12 different social media channels.
  • Speeds up registration and logging in details.
  • Simple and easy to set up.
  • Can reduce your site’s cart abandonment rate.

Themify Popup

POpup- cart abandonment

This free plugin is simple. It helps you to display a responsive popup window when the user attempts to leave your site. You can then offer the customer a discount or another reason to stay on your site to reduce cart abandonment. The plugin can be used on specific pages or across your site.

It is a simple, yet effective, way to increase subscribers to your mailing list and also increase conversions.

Why choose Themify Popup?

  • A free plugin that can be installed within minutes.
  • Lots of cool features to help you increase the number of mailing subscribers to your website.
  • Can use it to show popup on exit from your site.
  • Can integrate with the Themify Builder, so you can design great popup designs.


jetreview - cart abandonment

JetReviews is a great review tool that can help you build a strong sense of trust between you and your website visitors. The review widget allows you to display simple stars, percentages and other elements to show evaluations of your products. These reviews are visible on all devices thanks to the responsive coding used in the WordPress plugin.

To help you create a sense that your reviews belong on your website, the plugin comes with a simple customisation suite that allows you to develop a unique style. This also allows you to create reviews that are more relevant to your products/services. This can include typography and the colours used within the reviews, so they are more aligned to your brand’s style.

Why should you choose JetReviews?

  • No coding experience needed with this plugin.
  • Is compatible with WP Reviews.
  • Can easily build the perfect look for your reviews.
  • Responsive, so will display well on mobile devices.


cart abandonment - jetpopup

Popups have a lot of presence on this list, and that is because they are a great way to convince customers to stay on the site and shop, or to subscribe to your mailing list and come back later. Research has shown that an abandoned cart set of emails can add 10-20% more revenue to your website.

JetPopup is the perfect plugin to help you achieve this. With help of the Elementor Page Designer, you can drag and drop your way to perfect popups that will improve your business’ mailing list. The popups can be triggered by numerous website visitor behaviours such as exit intent. Popups can be limited to display only on certain pages or during certain times of the day/dates.
You can position the popups anywhere on the page and use several cool animations to grab the attention of your audience.

Why should you use JetPopup?

  • Easy to customise the design of your popup.
  • Can be activated upon user’s exit intent.
  • Beautiful designs possible.
  • Very cost effective.



We’ve recently written a review for OptinMonster. This plugin is one of the best on the market and like some of the others on the list, is essentially a way for you to collect your customer’s email for sending them cart reminders. However, the others on the list don’t have specific functions for this, rather they can be used for it.

OptinMonster, on the other hand has elements that are specifically designed for cart abandonment, which is why we really recommend it.

There are over 65 templates to use. These are mobile-friendly, and cover a wide range of campaign types. In addition, you can increase conversions by creating segments and then having different campaigns based on certain behaviours. Therefore, you can have a different popup display if a customer has a basket full, to that for a customer who is leaving after not adding anything to their cart. This is really great for personalisation and improving customer interaction.

To help with conversion rates, OptinMonster also includes A/B testing. This is a great way to improve your website’s conversion rates, reduce cart abandonment and help you make more money. There are other great reasons why you should use OptinMonster, so, why not read our review here of this fantastic bit of software?

Why should you use OptinMonster?

  • Is specifically designed for cart abandonment scenarios.
  • Can A/B test your popups to make them more effective.
  • Can connect to all the major email marketing software providers.
  • More than 65 pre-made templates to use.

WP Rocket

WP Rocket - WordPress Caching Plugin

Your website’s speed is an important part of your customer experience. For every second it takes to load your site, you will lose about 7% of your revenue. Just a four second delay in loading and you’ve lost 28% of your revenue. The average retail loading time was between 8 and 10 seconds in 2018. This is a long time and means that most stores are losing about 70% of their revenue just from a slow site.

This is where WP Rocket comes and helps. It is a plugin designed to speed up your website quickly and effortlessly. No need to know coding or how to speed up your website, just install the plugin on your website and customise it to your needs.

There are other solutions for this available on the net, but many of them aren’t eCommerce friendly. Some of them won’t help with advanced features either, like defer JS loading, etc.. This means that some people use three or four speed plugins to do the job that one can. While certain aspects can be improved, the more plugins you have on a website, the slower it is. By combining all speed improving functions into one package, you’re going to be a fast site.

Why should you use WP Rocket?

  • Does the job of several plugins in one piece of software.
  • Easy and quick to set up.
  • Images are only loaded on request.
  • Cache preloading helps search engines to see your site quicker.

YITH WooCommerce Topbar Countdown

One of the reasons why a customer might abandon their cart on your website is that they aren’t in any rush to make a purchase. Urgency is a major factor in eCommerce and you need to determine ways to create that on your store. Countdown timers are one tactic and can be really good when you have a deal that is about to expire or to get visitors to place an order before the order cut off time for next day deliveries.

This plugin puts the time left at the top of the page, as a constant reminder that they have a limited amount of time to purchase.

Why should you use YITH WooCommerce Topbar Countdown?

  • Adds urgency to your website to increase conversions.
  • Free WordPress plugin.
  • Can add an interactive button to go to a specific page.
  • Proven way to increase conversions on a site.

YITH PayPal Express Checkout for WooCommerce

Another one of the reasons why experience cart abandonment is that the checkout process is too long. That is where the YITH PayPal Express Checkout for WooCommerce is helpful. It basically is a button that allows for an express checkout using PayPal. The express option can be displayed on the product page, cart page and on the checkout page.

Once clicked, a popup displays, so visitors don’t have to leave your website and can quickly enter in their PayPal details, this then auto-fills important information like delivery details for your customer. It can also allow guest checkout, another problem solved that reduces conversions on your website.

Why should you use YITH PayPal Express Checkout for WooCommerce?

  • Allows customers to checkout as a guest.
  • Speeds up customer checkout time and improves experiences.
  • Customisation available.
  • Customers don’t have to leave your site to complete purchasing.

YITH WooCommerce Quick Checkout for Digital Goods

Do you sell digital products? This product improves the buying experience by taking information when the product is downloading after the completion of the purchase. By making the checkout process easier and faster, you can decrease abandoned cart rate and improve revenue on your website.

You can also insert the purchasing process directly into the product page. Making it easier for your customers to buy and your business to generate revenue.

Why should you use YITH WooCommerce Quick Checkout for Digital Goods?

  • Speed up the purchasing process for digital goods.
  • Integrate quick checkout directly on product pages.
  • Hide the notes section on the checkout page.
  • Choose the fields to display in the quick checkout.

YITH WooCommerce One-Click Checkout

This is another way you can speed up the purchasing process for your customers. Essentially, the plugin uses the information that a customer provides the website when they register an account on your website to auto-complete the required details on the checkout process. All the customer needs to do is click on the ‘one-click’ checkout button and the purchase is made.

This is a system that is used on Amazon as well as other sites. It speeds up the process for the customer on the website but it does mean that the customer has to register an account. But when customers can click on ‘purchase’ directly on the product page, it does make the shopping experience much better for your customers.

When they’ve completed the purchase, you can also tell the plugin where you would like the customer to go. Is it to a custom thank you page, product page, payment page or another page on your website?

Why should you use YITH WooCommerce One-Click Checkout?

  • Customise the buy now button’s text and colours.
  • Show the button on the shop pages.
  • Limit display of the button to certain products.
  • Users can add in multiple delivery addresses.

YITH WooCommerce Recover Abandoned cart

Reduce your cart abandoment rate by converting abandoned carts into purchases with the help of this simple to use plugin. What happens is that when the cart is abandoned, the plugin sends specialised emails to bring them back and complete the orders. The plugin has many great features that offers you a way to improve on the conversions. For instance, you can localise the email and customise the content to be more appealing to certain demographics. You can send reminders, coupons or special offers.

In addition, those who ship internationally will be pleased to know that this plugin supports many different languages. So it doesn’t matter where they’re shopping, you can speak to your customers in your own language. While there is a free version of this plugin, the premium is much better as it allows unregistered shoppers to recover carts. There are also several features that make it worth the extra investment.

Why should you use YITH WooCommerce Recover Abandoned cart?

  • Emails are sent automatically after specified time period.
  • Abandoned carts can be deleted after specified time period.
  • Add coupons to emails to encourage further purchases.
  • Customise your emails’ content.

YITH Live Chat

Live chat is one way to build trust with your audiences. There is a free version of this software, but that doesn’t allow for more than two conversations at a time. If your business is going to be a success, you might need more chat channels than this. The premium version also has several benefits including chat ratings, deactivation options for when there is no operator, users can ask for transcriptions of chats and many other features.

If you want, you can limit when the chat window is open. This can be specific to certain pages. In addition, if you run an eCommerce store with many different vendors, you can get the chat to connect to them for them to answer questions about products directly.

In addition, you can create macros so that FAQs can be answered more quickly with answers stored in the software.

Why should you use YITH Live Chat?

  • 70% of customers like to see live chat on websites.
  • Agent profiles can be customised.
  • Customisation of chat labels.
  • Can save conversations for later analysis of use.

Grow Your eCommerce Revenues By Reducing Your Abandoned Cart Rate

With a selection of the software above, you can reduce your abandoned cart rate. Even a few simple changes can make a significant improvement to your revenues. Yet these are the most effective ways to grow your business. Marketing to a larger audience won’t improve your abandoned cart rate but it will cost you more. It will also require regular expenditure rather than a one-off purchase that many of the plugins above offer.

So, if you’re looking to reduce your abandoned cart rate, choose a few of the plugins above and let us know how it goes in the comments below.

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