OptinMonster Review 2019: The Best List Building Tool?

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What do we say on our OptinMonster Review?

Have you built a website and want more returning customers? Then read this OptinMonster Review to find out how you can build a loyal following for your website.

The OptinMonster Review: Why You Need It

What is the key to winning traffic and customers online? It’s building an effective email list. According to statistics, about 75% of those who visit your site will never visit again. That is unless you get them to subscribe to a mailing list.

There are additional challenges when it comes to building a list. Only about one in every two-hundred visitors will subscribe to your mailing list. That is unless you incentivise them. That is where technology like OptinMonster can help.

Before We Start The OptinMonster Review? What Is It?

OptinMonster is cloud-based software designed to build your email list. The software was launched in 2013 by Syed Balkhi and Thomas Griffen. Since then, its prominence and potential for helping you sell online has only matured, and now it is considered one of the best online tools for building your email list without infuriating customers.

OptinMonster is cross platform software. There are versions for WordPress and Shopify, the two types of online stores that we highlight on TwoFeetMarketing. In addition, it can also integrate with many different types of email marketing platforms. Therefore, if you want to change your website system later on, you can still use OptinMonster on the new platform.

While other email builders offer you a limited range of list building tools, OptinMonster is a one-stop shop. You can build email collection tools for many behaviours including: exit-intent, page-level targeting and even on certain behaviours.

How Easy Is OptinMonster To Use?

OptinMonster is very easy to use. Just like some of the best WordPress page builders, OptinMonster allows you to build forms from scratch with the drag and drop builder. Or you can customise the pre-built templates included with the software. These templates have been tested, so you know that they will help you to convert customers into subscribers.

The drag-and-drop builder means that even those who aren’t tech-savvy can build beautiful forms for the five types of campaigns including:

  • lightbox popups
  • fullscreen popups
  • floating bars
  • slide-ins
  • and in-line forms.

Building the forms takes minutes, not hours, unlike some other email list building tools.

The popup builder helps you add elements to your forms that make them convert more viewers. For instance, you can add videos, social icons images and buttons. Whatever elements you add to your forms, you can be sure that the campaigns will be 100% responsive. So it will be displayed perfectly on any device.

Keeping Your List While Building For the Future

The great thing about OptinMonster is that it doesn’t require you to start a list from scratch or to spend ages migrating marketing lists to new software. OptinMonster integrates seamlessly with many of the most common email marketing campaigns. It is only responsible for turning visitors into leads.

In addition, thanks to the software you can continue to automate your marketing. This can be done by choosing which list different forms connect to on pages. This is great because different landing pages should connect to different email automation campaigns and you should always be segmenting and grouping your lists. With OptinMonster this is easy and simple to complete.

Integration is a key benefit for OptinMonster. Considering the value of the form builder, I don’t see why you would need to, but if you want to integrate the software with other form builders, the plugin works perfectly with the shortcodes of WPForms and Formidable Forms as well as some others. You can also use custom HTML forms with OptinMonster.

The Best Technology That Helps To Build Your Mailing List

We’ve spoken previously on the blog about people leaving your website and not coming back to your store. This is a real concern as most will not return, yet that might not because they don’t want to, and is why you need to get their email address so you communicate further with them.

This is where OptinMonster can seriously help. By tracking the movements of your user’s mouse, a specific message can be displayed at the point when the user is about to exit. At this point you can offer your customers a special bonus for subscribing, like a discount, free gift or free delivery. Then you can re-engage them, collect their details and move on.

Exit popups are proven to be a successful way to improve conversions on a website. Some websites have used OptinMonster to improve conversions by over 600% by using this strategy. When email marketing offers the most ROI than any other digital marketing path, you should be ensuring that exit-intent popups are being using on your website.

However, it isn’t just exit popups that are a popular feature on OptinMonster. The plugin can help your site display the best popup when you need it. The technology within the plugin can help you display different offers based on the location of the website visitor on your page. So, if they visit your page and scroll down to the bottom of the page, you can offer them a different popup than the one that is included at the top of the page. Excellent, intelligent technology that will grow your mailing list effortlessly.

Split Testing Advantages

Split testing is an important part of your business’ marketing activities. Your current design might not be the best for your audience. To determine this you need to split test where you have two versions of the same element (popup form in this case) with one slight difference.

With OptinMonster, this can be achieved easily and you can have the results displayed well. Once you’ve found what audiences like, you can start a new test to optimise your website’s email building campaigns.

And the analytics doesn’t stop there. OptinMonster’s conversion analytics suite is simple to understand. You can see in an instant which popups aren’t converting and therefore make changes (with the split testing or not) to find ways to convert more visitors to your mailing list.

OptinMonster Review Verdict: The Final Word

OptinMonster is one of the best WordPress plugins and Shopify Plugins that can help you convert website visitors into leads for email marketing. Considering the value of email marketing campaigns, there are plenty of reasons why you should be using OptinMonster on your website.

If you’ve liked this OptinMonster review and want to know more about OptinMonster, you can visit their website and start your email building campaign today.

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