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Where Can You Find Free Images?

Articles and social media updates with images will attract more attention in regards to both being read and interaction. This is why finding free images that are relevant to your project is a must in today’s digital marketing world. Finding digital images can be tough. Many of the best images are taken up by iStock, […]

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Automating Your Twitter Sharing

Sharing content from other users is one of the principals of social media. It helps grow your audience as you share content that is listed not just on your feed but also on the feeds of others. It also creates conversational points between you and followers with new avenues to demonstrate your expertise and why […]


Why Some Hashtag Slogans Just Aren’t Needed!

Hashtags are a great way for your business to attract audiences to your brands on social media by using topics to connect your brand with their searches. This has been the cornerstone for many platforms for a long time. For instance, using the hashtag #biztips will attract those looking for business advice and support. From […]

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Why You Should Be Using Twitter

Businesses can really take advantage of Twitter. Even if your primary focus is not to generate interest from new customers, you can find exciting ways to use the social media network. In this article we take a look at the reasons why you should be using Twitter. Twitter Gives Your Company A Recognisable Brand Many […]

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Why Should You Start Newsjacking?

Newsjacking is an effective content generation source. It is likely that as an expert in your field you will be paying attention to industry news and also keeping up to date with world news. Therefore newsjacking is just an extension of your normal actions. Here are some of the reasons why you should newsjack: Newsjacking […]

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The Social Buy Button Is Coming! Is It Right For You?

Facebook and Twitter have made great strides in establishing ecommerce onto their social networks in recent weeks. Now buying a new pair of shoes or the birthday present for your friend’s child could be as simple as looking at their profile and clicking ‘buy now’ via a social buy button. Some top brands have already […]

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Ways To Get Sent To Twitter Jail

‘Twitter Jail’ is when the social network prevents you from publishing new content through your profile. For some, this can be extremely detrimental, it reduces website traffic and limits lead generation. However, for others it is a competition to see if they can get banned on Twitter. What Is Twitter Jail? Twitter Jail is when […]

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ABC Mistakes: What Can We Learn From The Social Media Meltdown?

During April 2014, Amy’s Baking Company was back in the news. This time being re-featured on the popular television show Ramesy’s Kitchen Nightmares. The first edition saw the chef walk out on the couple who claimed they were being ruined by online food critics. Yet what happened next is of interest to social media marketers […]

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Social Media Age Distribution Statistics

One of the most important marketing activities is generating a plan. Part of this strategy is to develop an understanding of your target audience, everything from their likes, career, marital status and their age. This is essential because you need to know how to focus your message for maximum effect. Yet many businesses fail to […]

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The Scottish Lesson In Social Media

When Scotland went to the polls to decide on the future of their nation, there was no precedent to show who might have won. Many looked to the polls to look at how the vote might have turned while others searched for clues on social media. Social media was truly one of the loudest battlegrounds […]