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Quality Or Quantity – That Is The Question

With content marketing there is normally one debate – should you be implementing a campaign based on quality or quantity? Both sides of the argument have merit and so we wanted to ask the question, look at the arguments and suggest our own answer to the age-old question. Quality Or Quantity – The Definitions Within […]

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The Power Of Social Media Analytics

Social media analytics is an important part of your digital marketing management. If you are not employing any social media analytics within your business’ marketing strategy you could be missing out on significant traffic to your website and potential sales. On average, internet users spend over one and a half hours a day on social […]

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Are You Missing Out On Retweets?

One of the fundamental objectives of Twitter is the goal of getting retweets. There are many reasons why people aren’t sharing your content, if you are not seeing a single share from your followers, or others, in a day, week or even longer. Here are some of the more common reasons why your updates aren’t […]

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Is A Star Wars Sith Lord Controlling Your Social Media Campaign?

There aren’t many aspects of running your social media campaign that cause more frustration and damage to your social media campaign than buying shares and followers. There are numerous examples of companies having done so and the impact it can have on a business. I like to think of businesses who offer these services, some […]

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Should Your Staff Be Promoting Your Business On Social Media?

When it comes to online marketing, many businesses have their own official account that regularly publishes new and existing content. This can be effective but unless you have a strong social media person behind you who is constantly monitoring and responding to content, there can be a lack of personality for your brand. The important […]

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Fake Followers: Why Buying Followers Is Bad

I was doing a review of a potential client the other day when I decided to do a fake follower report. I don’t know why, I just decided that the numbers didn’t add up to me. How could an account have 10,000 followers but almost no interaction? Then I found the answer, the account that […]

Google+ Is Dead?

Let’s be honest, Google is not shy about decommissioning or killing off products that haven’t worked for them. One of the biggest flops for Google has certainly been its social media network, Google+. The uptake of the platform has not been anywhere near what Google wanted and activity levels are far below what others expected. […]

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Social Media Time: How Much Is Too Much?

Social media time can be useful for promoting your business online. It can reach thousands of local and millions of other potential customers. This is why most small business leaders tend to spend copious amounts of time on their favourite platforms in an attempt to reach their audience. However, is this social media time positive? […]

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Why Is Twitter So Relaxed On Fake Followers Syndrome?

Twitter has been a long standing staple of mine. It is an excellent system to promote new content and develop strong relationships with clients, partners and influencers. TwoFeetMarketing has been able to develop a significant following on Twitter and so have many of our clients. Yet one of the biggest problems I see with the […]

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Are You The General Of Your Twitter Campaign?

Twitter is one of the best ways you can generate interest in your business and funnel traffic through to your site. However, to get one of the best types of campaigns going, you need many different elements working together to create a rich strategy that attracts interest in your brand. One of the elements included […]