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SEO Tricks You Forget

Search engine optimisation is not just a one-off task, it’s a continuous battle between you, your competitors and search engines. If you win, then you can be the top of search results, attract substantial traffic and sell your business – fail and you can be left in internet obscurity. One reason you might fail is […]

TwoFeetMarketing 365: Day 14

Happy Valentine’s Day! How are you going to celebrate? I know it might seem cheesy but connecting with your customers on a day like today is so easy. Choose your pic (make sure it’s free to use and check royalties) add a nice message, then upload it to the (suitable) platforms you use. Just make […]

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How Many Mistakes Has Your Web Designer Made?

When I am asked to review a website, I sometimes get a little annoyed. The number of times I’ve seen a web designer make basic, fundamental mistakes on a website, yet pass it off as a complete package is astonishing. The trouble is, too many people trust their web designer to do a good job. […]

TwoFeetMarketing 365: Day 13

Today is half-term for kids in the UK, so many business owners will be taking some time off this week. Consider thinking about your current marketing strategies. Is there anything new you could try that interests you? Build up plenty of research first before committing to a new campaign or strategy, so you know that […]

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How To Overcome The White Screen Of Death

The white screen of death is the result when a WordPress website is broken. Simply put, it is when a white screen appears instead of the page that should. The error could appear on the whole website, in the admin section of WordPress, or just on one page. Wherever the white screen of death occurs, […]

TwoFeetMarketing 365: Day 12

If today should be a ‘rest day’ but you’ve got too much to do, first sit down with your diary, can you make your week more efficient? Decide which jobs are essential, how long they should take and how long you want to be working today. When the times up, stop and take a break. […]

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TwoFeetMarketing 365: Day 11

Take a few minutes to connect with people on LinkedIn. Don’t think sales, think network! We have found that a lot more business people are connecting on LinkedIn, on the weekend.

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TwoFeetMarketing 365: Day 10

Did you notice we were a little late publishing yesterday’s 365 diary entry? Oops, sorry!  So, today’s plan is to put 30 minutes aside to get some ideas together and plan for next week. We tend to write about something real that has happened each day so you get an idea of what we’re actually […]


Blog Motivation: Understanding Your Motivations To Develop A Strong Online Presence

Blog motivation is something that has always interested me. The concept has been around for such a long time but the reasons why some are successful and others are not, isn’t always understood. Yet getting to grips with the motivations behind blogging might be a fundamental clue to why certain blog posts succeed and others […]

TwoFeetMarketing 365: Day 9

Optimising your website is one of the most important activities. If you don’t, nobody can find you on Google and you can lose up to 80% of your traffic. One of the most forgotten elements of SEO is sorting out web crawl errors. These are URLs search engines have tried to access but nothing exists […]