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TwoFeetMarketing 365: Day 18

Those who read the news might have saw the terrible mistake The London Dungeons made on Valentine’s day. Their online campaign was slammed for being offensive. While they’ve removed the Tweets, they are still floating around the internet, thanks to screen shots. It is important to remember this. Whatever you put on the internet will […]

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TwoFeetMarketing 365: Day 17

Take some time to look over the first couple of sentences (headings or otherwise) on your website front page, do they contain your keywords (without too much!). Will it captivate visitors, does it reflect your brand? This week we’ve allocated some serious time on the TwoFeetMarketing website, let us know what you think!

UK Micor Businesses

Why Isn’t The UK Government Doing More To Encourage Micro Businesses?

The UK is about to exit the EU. The expected result is that the UK will lose some jobs, particularly in banking, as banks look to move EU operations out of the City. Some, like HSBC, have already said that jobs will likely be moved to the continent. The expected losses are not really known […]

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TwoFeetMarketing 365: Day 16

Consider trying to make an infographic for your brand. They look particularly good on both your website, Facebook, and Pinterest. Canva is a great place for the beginner, where you can make a free infographic (there are paid upgrades available and other sites that also over this service).

TwoFeetMarketing 365: Day 15

Email marketing is an important way to connect with your audience. However, you can’t just email people without thinking about who you are emailing. Segregation is an important tactic in email marketing and helps to reduce costs and improve returns. However, the real money can be made in maintenance. Look at your list and consider […]

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SEO Tricks You Forget

Search engine optimisation is not just a one-off task, it’s a continuous battle between you, your competitors and search engines. If you win, then you can be the top of search results, attract substantial traffic and sell your business – fail and you can be left in internet obscurity. One reason you might fail is […]

TwoFeetMarketing 365: Day 14

Happy Valentine’s Day! How are you going to celebrate? I know it might seem cheesy but connecting with your customers on a day like today is so easy. Choose your pic (make sure it’s free to use and check royalties) add a nice message, then upload it to the (suitable) platforms you use. Just make […]

web designer mistakes

How Many Mistakes Has Your Web Designer Made?

When I am asked to review a website, I sometimes get a little annoyed. The number of times I’ve seen a web designer make basic, fundamental mistakes on a website, yet pass it off as a complete package is astonishing. The trouble is, too many people trust their web designer to do a good job. […]

TwoFeetMarketing 365: Day 13

Today is half-term for kids in the UK, so many business owners will be taking some time off this week. Consider thinking about your current marketing strategies. Is there anything new you could try that interests you? Build up plenty of research first before committing to a new campaign or strategy, so you know that […]

white screen of death

How To Overcome The White Screen Of Death

The white screen of death is the result when a WordPress website is broken. Simply put, it is when a white screen appears instead of the page that should. The error could appear on the whole website, in the admin section of WordPress, or just on one page. Wherever the white screen of death occurs, […]