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TwoFeetMarketing 365: Day 30

People really like to read facts and evidence when making decisions. Research some facts about what you do, and what you offer your clients/customers. You could use these facts in numerous ways, e.g. an infographic, marketing email, blog post, Facebook post etc. Just remember to cite your sources.

two way conversations

Two-Way Conversations Required For Social Media Success

As a digital marketing agency, we are constantly talking about the importance of two-way conversations between brands and their intended audience. We’re often asked whether this is fact or just our opinion. We have stated the facts about how it is important, and that those who communicate with audiences tend to generate more leads and […]

TwoFeetMarketing 365: Day 29

It’s a new month and a good time to rethink your social media plan. What are your aims? Remember it’s not always about sales, your aim might be to increase likes, followers, or to get people discussing your articles, to name a few. Once you’ve got a good idea of your aim, make it SMART […]

TwoFeetMarketing 365: Day 28

Its the last day of the month and this is a critical time. In TwoFeetMarketing this is the moment when we reflect on the past month and see what we could have done better and how we are going to move on in the next month. Could you do this in your business? Sit down […]

Blogging in the sand

Why Blogging Matters To Your Business

It’s easy for a digital marketing company to say that blogging matters for your business. It’s our breadwinner, and we are good at it. We often get ranked highly on sites like BizSugar and our work is linked to by high-quality sites. In fact, one high-quality site linked to not just our blog, but three […]

TwoFeetMarketing 365: Day 27

Wow, it is nearly the end of the month and it has been a really busy month. While being busy is great, it is important to continue to complete every job on your list. This might include marketing your current giveaway. Just because you’re offering something for free doesn’t mean people will take interest. Always […]

user generated content

User-Generated Content Is Powerful

When it comes to marketing, user generated content is some of the most powerful you’ll be able to acquire. Why? Because content developed by peers is considered more trustworthy than advertising. When looking at the behaviours of millennials, you can realise how much user-generated content consumers potentially view in one day. According to a survey […]

TwoFeetMarketing 365: Day 26

Its the last day of this month’s Sunday so I wanted to re-emphise the importance of rest. A lot of our European neighbours work less hours but are more productive – so perhaps we should follow this model too. Look at your schedule this week and see what you can do better. And always remember […]

web designer mistakes

TwoFeetMarketing 365: Day 25

Giveaways are a great way for you to connect with your audiences. However, they can be a minefield of legal challenges as well. So to ensure you aren’t accused of being unfair or that the prize doesn’t exist, create a series of terms and conditions for each giveaway you create. These don’t have to be […]

TwoFeetMarketing 365: Day 24

Following from yesterday’s idea about running a competition…the next aspect to decide is what you wish to offer the winner, e.g. a service, a product, an item, an ebook etc. There are many considerations when planning your prize dependent on your business and situation, here is a sample: What you can afford to give away […]