Don’t Miss Out On Sales: Use A Countdown Timer

When it comes to retail online, there is nothing more annoying than abandoned cart. An abandoned cart is when the customer puts something in their cart and then leaves your store to go somewhere else. There are many reasons for this. One is shipping, another is unexpected costs. However, sometimes the customer was just taking […]

blog frequency graph

Why You Need To Increase Blog Frequency

So many people think that blogging once a month is enough to generate significant amounts of traffic for their website. The truth is, that blogging once a month is probably a waste of your time. It will have limited effect on your traffic because SEO giants like Google and Bing seem to prefer higher blog […]

website speed test image

Three Reasons To Do A Website Speed Test Now

Users of the internet are very demanding. They want to have their website’s load now and don’t like to wait around. That is why the time it takes for your website pages to load is very important. If you don’t know this statistic, you should run a website speed test now. As we’ve discussed in […]

WordPress Plugins To Help Reduce Your Website’s Cart Abandonment Rates

When you operate an eCommerce website, whether it uses WooCommerce or another eCommerce plugin on your WordPress website, you’re going to experience cart abandonment. This is when the shopper fills their cart/basket with products and then leaves your site, either mid-way through the purchasing process, or before going to the checkout operation. The Average Cart […]

OptinMonster Review Image

OptinMonster Review 2019: The Best List Building Tool?

Have you built a website and want more returning customers? Then read this OptinMonster Review to find out how you can build a loyal following for your website. The OptinMonster Review: Why You Need It What is the key to winning traffic and customers online? It’s building an effective email list. According to statistics, about […]

WordPress eCommerce Themes

The Best WordPress eCommerce Themes 2019

When you are building a WordPress eCommerce website, your success can boil down to a few, limited aspects of your website. One of those aspects is how good your website looks which is why many people use one of the specific WordPress eCommerce Themes. An aesthetically pleasing website design builds trust with your audience and […]

Video Views

Improving YouTube Video Views On Facebook

It’s important to keep up to date with digital marketing strategies and here at TwoFeetMarketing we regularly analyse results and test our strategies. It’s also important to keep up to date with the trends and practices among digital marketing platforms to get the most out of them. One particular interest is YouTube and how brands […]

search engine optimisation

Could Your Audience Determine Your Search Engine Optimisation Strategy?

When it comes to search engine optimisation, there are two primary considerations – what are the most common search terms and what do Google (and other engines) want from websites owners? With the right approach to both, you could be more successful at ranking better. Or can you? Often businesses will use one or two […]

windmill here is represent a content mill

Three Reasons Not To Buy From A Content Mill

I’ve seen a lot of businesses who look to get cheap content from a so-called content mill. These are websites or businesses that offer blog posts and website pages for cheap prices. While costs are important to consider in any business, you must also think of other factors when outsourcing tasks. In my opinion there […]