Apprentice Week Three: Leadership And Love For The Product

Paul needed to love the products to sell them.
Last night’s Apprentice proved to be as good as ever as the teams were challenged to design and manufacture a selection of sweets, then sell them in Brighton. The teams were shuffled, with Titans being led by Alana, and Oliver as project manager of Nebula.The task was as interesting as the flavour of sweets; I certainly won’t be trying salt and vinegar fudge, and it was this product that ultimately determined the fate of Nebula. While Nebula’s retail team sold out of the fudge, their tra...

Social Shares: Is It Cheating To Buy Them?

The other day I was approached by a business that promised me a certain number of social shares for any new content on my website. The offer seemed too good to be true, and I knew there had to be a cost. I would never consider buying my way to the top, but I was interested to see what was going on. The Social Shares Company System When visiting their website, I looked at their process. The company would monitor your website for new content and then ‘encourage’ social users to share the content...

Scheduling And Productivity

This week at TwoFeetMarketing, we’ve been looking at how we can deliver more within the same time frame. We want our members and non-members to get more content to help build better businesses. We also have to manage the delivery of client orders.Part of the plan was to increase the frequency of our blog. We’re now going to produce four blogs per week, which is aligned with the science that the more you produce, the better results you will get. It will also allow us to increase the range of ...

Is Your Money Safe With Pay-Per-View?

Pay-Per-View is important, but what about impression fraud?
Pay-per-view is when you display an advert and pay for every time it is displayed. Often you are charged a set amount for every thousand or so impressions. This has long been a standard for online advertising that has run alongside pay-per-click models.However, there are limitations for this model; firstly, you cannot guarantee that views are going to generate leads or that the right audience will be viewing your advert.And secondly, you could face Impression Fraud. This is where a p...

Want A Great WordPress Site? You Need These Plugins

wordpress in the ocean
One of the best things about WordPress is you can add to its functionality. However, that tends to mean that people just add plugins like they are candy. The more plugins, the more functionality right?! Well, that isn’t always the case.We recently looked into a client’s website performance at their request (they had another company design their website) and found that they had a substantial number of plugins and at least half of them weren’t needed. There was so much redundancy with nume...

The Apprentice Week Two: Leadership, Branding And Confidence

the apprentice week two team spirit
The second week of The Apprentice gave us insight into the marketing skills of the candidates.The task was simple - create an advertising campaign for Japanese denim jeans. They had complete control over the branding, video advert, bus shelter advert and interactive billboard.As usual, there were a lot of lessons to learn. 1. Human Resources It is important to ensure you are using the right people for the task. Lord Sugar made a lot of Nebula not choosing Rebecca as project manager...

Five Ways Your Digital Marketing Campaigns Are Failing

digital marketing campaigns failing image
Are your digital marketing campaigns failing? If you are struggling, you need to get to the root of the problem. One key difficulty is not having the right skills for the digital age. Studies have found hiring managers are finding it tough to employ digital marketers with the right skills. Other studies have found that 83% of marketing employees in Ireland and the UK would fail a digital marketing course.Therefore, it is no shock that many small businesses are failing with their digital ...

Digital Laws: Can I Buy Emails?

digital laws
One question that is often asked is “can I buy emails?” The simple answer is ‘no’. Yet, it amazes me the number of small businesses who are still willing to flaunt digital laws to get the upper hand. They often have the mentality that “I won’t be caught” or “it won’t happen to me.”One such company was Javelin Marketing, who bought 100,000 emails. In their first campaign, 85,000 emails bounced and they were banned from their email server.With today’s world of modern technology, you sh...